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Dine in Style with a Private chef whilst you are holiday at The Woodland Collection!

The Woodland Collection holidays are delighted to offer a Private Dining Service in the cottages with the well- known and talented local chef Daniel Rouncefield. Dan has prepared a lovely seasonal menu for the Woodland Collection guests to choose from and he prepares, cooks, serves and clears everything away in the comfort of your cottage. All of his menus can be adapted to suit your individual dietary needs and costs no more than going out to a restaurant, meaning no need for a designated driver or baby sitter!

To view this seasons menu visit www.thecornishchef.co.uk

For those who don’t want to cook during their stay, or want something prepared for them and put in the fridge to heat up on arrival,  we also offer a drop off supper menu.

Please order directly with The Cornish Chef, at least 5 days before your arrival. Orders will be put in your cottage ready for you on your arrival.

Please email thecornishchef2020@gmail.com or text 07562 839634 to order. If you have any food allergies or dietary requirements please let us know when ordering.

Drop off supper menu

All meals come ready prepared to heat through and are accompanied by detailed cooking instructions.



Parsnip and pear soup (v) £3.95

Goats cheese and caramelized red onion tartlet with rocket salad (v) £4.75

Salmon fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce £5.00

Garlic mushroom breton with cheddar bread crumbs (v) £4.50

Prawns in marie rose sauce, leaves, cucumber, tomato & rocket £5.95


Main Course

Slow cooked braised beef Bourguignon £10.50

Homemade chicken tikka masala £9.25

Chicken leek and bacon pie £9.50

Butternut squash thai curry (v) £9.75

Shepherd’s pie £9.50

Classic fish pie £10.75

Wild mushroom stroganoff with rice (v) £9.00

Vegetable lasagne (v) £9.00

Beef lasagne £10.00


Additional Side Orders – £2.50 each

Garlic bread

Garden salad

Sour dough bread

Cornish new potatoes

Seasonal vegetables


Desserts £4.50 Each

Fruit crumble and custard

Poached pear with red wine and vanilla syrup and clotted cream

Sticky toffee pudding and sticky toffee sauce

Lemon posset with fresh berries

Apple & blackberry pie


Please note there is a minimum order of two courses for two guests for this service.

Sunday roast – £10 Adult – £6 Child

Dinners are delivered cold in take away containers with gravy separate


Roast pork tenderloin, Chicken breast or Vegetable bake

All served with

Roast potatoes – carrots – roast parsnips – cabbage – peas – broccoli – cauliflower – stuffing and gravy

Add a portion of homemade sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce for £3